Carrie Host
Carrie Host
Carrie Host, Writer / Author

"What a Journey! In this vivid, honest, and ultimately hopeful book, Carrie Host shares her experience with cancer - an experience that will surely help others."

T.A. Barron

"I read almost all of your book last night and had to give up early this morning and get some sleep. Your fears and feelings of helplessness spoke to me. I'd been there too. Your story will profoundly affect anyone on the cancer journey."

Mary McClanahan
Cancer Survivor

"Your book is a powerful one."

Mercy Morganfield
Entrepreneur & Writer, Washington, DC

"It is excellent--smooth flowing prose, easy to read and a great message. This provides the book appeal to a wide range of audiences . . . health care providers, patients, families and survivors."

Dr. Joseph R. Steele
Interventional Radiologist
M. D. Anderson, Houston

"Wonderfully powerful! I just wanted to absorb your book. I love your focus on hope. I love the depth of your honesty and heart."

Currie Barron

"I found your book to be a delicious rendition of "anything is possible" no matter how bleak. I felt I was allowed to enter the inner sanctum of your precious view of life. Most importantly, what I read made me learn and re-learn many important facets to life."

Bernadette Reiter
Computer Analyst

"You have an incredible work of love. It should be required reading for anyone where the diagnosis is cancer."

Susan Haskins

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